This may sound lame but, I've never made out, and I'm a sophmore.

i have no trouble getting guys to like me, but that's the thing I had a bad past with male figures, so I don't trust guys easily. I have this weird thing going in my head that I need their "love" but once I get it, I don't like them anymore. so obviously I haven't gotten very far with a guy. its not my fault or their fault, my feelings for them just stop before anything can begin.. So for when the time comes (which it will! lol...hopefully) I was wondering if anyone has any make out tips for me


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  • First of all, I don't think it's lame (I'm in a similar situation, the specifics of which I will not get into)

    Secondly, (and I'm sorry if this is getting into it too much) it sounds like you may have some issues that need to be dealt with before you can actually progress to a situation wherein you can use some tips described below.

    Making out is a common from of affection/light petting. Oftentimes, if conditions don't restrict, it will progress into heavier petting (common) or intercourse (less common, but still common enough). Each and every guy has certain things he'd like to happen, or he enjoys doing; Every guy is different, but there are some large areas of overlap. In general, it helps if you show him how much you like and desire him, let your attraction to him come through in your sensuality, and body movements. The bare bones of the actual making out are fairly universal;Keep your lips moist; They don't need to be soaked in slobber, but a little lick of the lips should help things slide right along. How often, how passionate, and for how long is usually mutually and nonverbally decidedin the moment, with you and your partner having a little give-and-take throughout to see what each of you like. Touching is highly encouraged, let your hands wander over his arms, neck and chest (and, if you feel ready to progress, his crotch). The specific amount of tongue to be used is a personal choice but remember, you're showing you like him, not trying to find his fillings. For getting more intense, the progression is simple; Putting a hand down his pants or letting him put his down yours, taking off a layer of clothing, top or bottom, both contribute. The actual line at which you stop, if you do stop, is mutually and personally defined. There are no rules to say what he is an isn't allowed to do to you when you're making out; The choice is yours and if it makes you uncomfortable, ask him to stop. I would go on into heavier petting, but you've only really asked for make-out advice here. Hope this helps! Or is at least added to by someone with more knowledge to impart!


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  • hahah you sound just like me! don't feel bad, I didn't get my first kiss till I was 18, so the summer after I graduated! lol that's more embarrassing. But that kiss was a hook up which turned to other things lol

    heres someone who had the same prob: link