This guy I have the hots for gave me this mysterious look, what does this mean?

we were standing outside of a club with one other friend, & I was standing further away from them as I was talking in passing. his eyes were fixed on mine. his chin was lowered, so his eyes were gazing at me rather prominently from underneath his eyebrows - I hope that makes sense! he was looking at me INTENSELY. what does this look mean? I'll try to describe better if that doesn't make any sense...

the only other time I got a look like that was from a man who asked me out & we had a real hot date. but I really like this other guy a lot, so I don't know if I'm reading too much into it. he knows a have a thing for him btw.

another way to describe it, is when someone older has reading glasses & they tilt their head so they can look over their glasses. this is a funny thing to add esp about flirting! now take a way the "older" part, take away the reading glasses, & add..
...(hopefully) animal heat. okay, now we're back to flirting! ha


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  • Jesus Christ, it's A LION! Get in the car!

    F'real: I saw the move you're describing in a Dracula movie.

    This is the common "predator" stare, as I call it, used before charging down gazelles, toreadors, or rivals. Either he was mad at you, or trying to draw you eento hees eyes, and hypnotize your clothes off.

    • Haha! well I haven't done anything to anger the guy...

      is it like a subconscious lust thing, or is it seriously something a guy does to lure you in?

      it was pretty darn intimidating, & I am never intimidated!

    • Was it intimidating in a sexy way? I often think there is a degree of intimidation involved in attraction, paradoxic as that may seem. Like any other facial expression, there's really no way to tell if it was intentional or reflexive.

    • I guess it was sexy because of his intensity. I'm impressed when a guy can get real intense with his passion

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