How do you know you like a guy?

Hey there. Some time ago I met this boy, I instantly thought he was kind of cute. However, last week I went on a date with him, and suddenly I'm not sure anymore whether I like him or not.

My friends all think we're in a relationship, and everyone says we're cute together.

Does the fact that I'm doubting this "relationship" mean I shouldn't kid him and myself any longer? Or is it simply because I'm scared of a long-term relationship? (because this would be my first serious thing..)

* to prevent confusion;

I've been talking and texting with him for a month before we got on a date, it wasn't an impulsive thing to do, we started out as friends. After talking for a while we both thought we might be more than friends.


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  • Sounds to me that this guy "looks" good. The problem is you got to know him and your instincts are telling you "ehhh, maybe not." Don't jump head first into what you think will be a deep relationship just because you've never had one and remember your friends didn't go on a date with him like you and therefore don't know as much about him as you. They're still judging the book by its cover like you were until you opened it and read the first few pages.

    • Sounds very smart, but the thing is, he doesn't look that great. he's just an average, everyday guy. I'm really talking about personality here :s

    • So his personality is cute? That might be why you're not sure. lol Well then his personality may be the object of desire, right?

    • Haha sorry for any type of confusion, I'm Dutch, and sometimes I might not pick the best wrods to discribe something :P

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  • The first advice I can give you is to trust your gut, whatever you feel you should do is what you should do. You probably like this guy by have not fully warmed up to him yet. You need to date him more and get warmed up to him before you can make any furthur judgement. That way, it will give your feelings either time to grow or go away depending on how you feel. Hope this helps!

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