I lost weight, and now my clothes won't fit! What do you people do?

This is a funny but relevant question.

Over the past year, I lost 18kgs (around 40 lbs), and also around 4 inches around my waist (34 to 30). The problem is, due to this, most of my clothes are too big for me now, and they look pretty awkward if I wear them. They don't fit well at all.

Some of them are branded, expensive ones. Now I need to change almost my whole wardrobe, and some of those clothes I really liked.

Have you people experienced something similar, whenever you lost or gained a significant amount of weight? And what did you do in that case?


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  • I lost around 20 kg two summers ago. I ended up replacing all my pants. And threw out most of my skirts. Luckily I had clothes from the time I was thinner and I could easily fit into them again.

    • Firstly, congratulations on your weight loss! That awesome feeling when we can fit into an old pair of jeans... priceless, isn't it? :P

      I too have old clothes which fit me now, but I was overweight for quite long (around 9 years), so the older clothes are kinda worn out and a lot of them are out of fashion too! :P

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    • I think you look very good and you absolutely don't need to lose more weight. You can officially update your wardrobe! 😁 congrats

    • Wow, thanks a lot! Will do that, then! ;)

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  • Sell them on ebay Kleinanzeiger or Madelsflohmarkt :D

    • Unfortunately, those sites are specific to Germany! There is no proper channel to trade in old clothes in India. :(

    • Second hand markets? Obviously you would not get the same amount of money back and you need to negotiate with the rough people ;)

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