I am beginning to think I am invisible?

I am and eighteen year old female. I am an attractive girl who is smart, funny, outgoing, friendly, caring, athletic, and I stand up for myself like an adult when I need to. the problem is that when ever I go out with my friends, all of the guys completely pass over me and make a bee-line to my best friends and fall for them. this happens to me, literally, all the time. I feel like I just don't stand out from a crowd and I don't know what to do anymore. I just feel like my friends have to much more going for them then I do


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  • i'm not sure what you look like or what your wearing when out in public and what I have to say next might sound a little pathetic or even stuiped I realise but you may need to dress more sexy to get noticed as the fashion trends at the moment are pretty sexy in general .

    like showing some cleveage is sure to get a guys attention , also tight pants that show off the butt are what a lot of girls are wearing , bare midrifts are also pretty common during warm weather as it sexy bikini's as well is shirts that reveal the girls back .

    its kind of pathetic I admit to suggest this but the style for youg women at the moment is pretty revealing so you'd have to be showing off a lot to get noticed in public places like a night club or beach . so if you have a nice body you might need to show it off a bit more if you want a guy to notice you when your in a crowd .

    • THATS THE THING! all of my friends and I all dress very similar. we all dress sexy. I'm proud of my boobs..cant lie and I know how to wear a shirt with them

    • Than I honestly have no idea what the problem might be , I wonder if your always going to the same bars and clubs / social scene as they say and not meeting any new people and the guys there allready ruled you out as an option for whatever reasons , so you may need to get out to some different places in an effort to meet someone new as where your currently going isn't working

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  • Weird, I posted roughly the same question probably just half an hour before you :-/


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  • I'd find some places to hang out by yourself where there are guys your age, and there is something you find fun or interesting to keep you occupied. Like a local record store or sports complex or library or coffee shop. Then guys will see what your interests are, and have something to strike up a conversation with you over.

    Also, you said you were outgoing, but are you the one who talks to the guys first, or do you just hang back to see who they choose to talk to? My guy friends say they appreciate it when a girl who is interested in them initiates the chat.

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