Cute stranger - I think he thinks I'm not interested?

There's a guy in one of my varsity classes who caught my eye, and I started noticing him looking at me frequently during classes. Twice I caught him and his eyes quickly shot up to the ceiling or he turned and looked at the back of the room awkwardly. After the second time I kept looking at him smiling a little and he turned back and looked at me again so I smiled shyly at him and turned away after 5 seconds or so. He looked genuinely surprised and somewhat bewildered when I smiled at him, but didn't smile back, I think he was a bit surprised. He seems very shy and often avoids looking at me except when turning and staring during class, he thinks he's being subtle but I always know. I think now he thinks maybe I was just being polite tho because today I was walking back to my seat and he was beside his friend and I think he was looking at me and smiling as I approached my seat which was just in front of us (normally he looks down or something in this situation). Anyway I was talking to my friend and stupidly only looked at him for a brief second before looking away as I walked to my seat. I couldn't give him any eye contact or signals because I was sitting in front. I saw him around campus after class and he was standing by me but kind of looking away and before I got the nerve to say anything my friend came up, he didn't look very approachable tho and seemed to be ignoring me. So I think he thinks I'm not interested. What should I do? What do you think of the situation?

He's normally late or with his friend so I can't just sit next to him and there are very few classes left.

I think his friend knows too. Because when I came back into the room and he was looking at me so was his friend beside him. I thought maybe sitting beside his friend who is normally early might be a good idea, then asking for a bit of paper or a pen
and starting a conversation, so his friend can introduce us or at least tell him I'm friendly. But if he sees me sitting by his friend he might get the wrong idea and think I'm interested in his friend?


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  • Simply show interest.


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