Girls, do you get mad at your guy if he goes out in clothes that really show off his bulge?

My girlfriend always asks me to change when I wear basketball shorts or sweats. Is that normal?


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  • Lol I don't have a boyfriend but I've checked out a guy's bulge before. It's hard not to when you can see it through their pants ;) I don't think she's being unreasonable... It'd be like I'd she was showing lots of cleavage. I'm sure it's just uncomfortable for her haha. She's just being territorial

    Does it bother you?

    • Yes, it does. Feels controlling. I can't help it if I have a big bulge. It would be like telling a girl with big boobs to wear baggy clothes all the time.

    • Well just talk to her and tell her you won't dictate what she wears and for the sake of your own comfort, you will continue wearing the same clothes. She might just be a little insecure if you just started dating. Try to reassure her a bit

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  • No, I don't do that. He can wear what he wants.

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