What kind of dress should I wear?

one of my friends little sister is having a quince and well my friend decided to drag me along I want to wear a dress but I don't have much cleavage what kind of dress would you wear that doesn't really focus on the cleavage area or that you have to have cleavage to look pretty in it?help please

if possible can you show some pics


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  • A sweetheart neckline is good, especially one with ruching in the chest area.


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  • Ok I have that same problem and when I went to my military school prom I wore this beautiful black dress from David's Bridal it had the scooping neckline feel with the see through material then it had a piece in the middle covering the cleavage. It had a push up bra type feel to it and it pushed my boobs up to create a fuller look and just to top it off I wore my sexiest strapless push up bra. I wowed everyone that night.

    • I know this may be uncomfortable to yo in a way possibly but if you message me I'll send pics cause I don't want everyone knowing who I am and what I look like. if ya understand

  • i have seen people wearing dresses with ruffles in the front. or sometimes spagetti straps

    sry, I don't no much about this. good luck!

  • Strapless, It has to be tight around your boobs to stay up so they don't show much cleavage.