I want to wow him.

My boyfriend and I are going to this fundraiser event for my mom's old high school. It's a bit of a formal event, and it starts at 6 in the evening. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get all dressy and really wow my boyfriend and make him think that I look absolutely gorgeous (he already thinks I'm cute and pretty, but I want him to see my more sophisticated and mature side). I decided that I would wear my black baby doll style halter dress with a deep V neck line, and the skirt is just a few inches above the knee paired with my black high heels. I'm also thinking about wearing my double-string pearl necklace and pearl earrings with it, and using my black clutch handbag. As far as makeup goes, I definitely want to do a smokey, sultry look with my eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer, and I was thinking of using some black liquid eyeliner and flaring it out at the outer corners to give a sort of cat-like look to my eyes, and using a neutral, shimmery lip gloss for my lips. The thing is, I'm a bit intimidated since I usually use soft and more neutral colors on my eyes, and I never worked with liquid liner before, and I know that it's much more difficult to clean up than using a crayon or cream liner. I've also never had done a smokey look, either, and I don't know how to get that sort of effect... Can someone give me tips on how to do that, or where I could find a good tutorial on how to do it? Also, I need help with what color of blush to use... I don't normally wear blush, to be honest. What shades would look best on someone with an olive skin tone?


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  • I just Googled "How to apply liquid eyeliner" and hit the jackpot. Hope he knows what a lucky guy he is! ;0)

    • Of course! Google! Lols! I can't believe I hadn't thought of that sooner! Thank you, again, Palek! ^_^

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