How well do you read body lanuage/nonverbal flirting cues (eye contact, smiling, etc.)

I'm wondering how well do you read and understand body language. Do you know when somebody is attracted to you? Do you tend to fix your eyes and hold eye contact with a woman/man you are really into?

  • If I'm constantly looking at you and holding eye contact and you hold it back I understand what that means.
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  • If I am constantly looking at you or trying to catch your eye it means I'm interested in you but can't always tell if you are interested in me.
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  • I never look at the person I like or show any signs of liking them, but I can tell by the way a person is around me if they like me.
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  • I don't understand body language and no I can't tell when somebody likes me and no I never give out signs.
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  • Really? I assert that ANY guy who answers A, B or C is outright lying... or messing with you. Or gay. All hetero guys I've known unfortunately fall worthlessly into the D category where you must speak plainly and directly or he'll never know what is running through your head. It's how we're wired. But we can throw a mean curve ball, run a chainsaw or kill any assorted style of bug or small mammal, like any of 'that' matters to girls. Really. Nuance is a nice word in the dictionary but 'read your eyes' is lost on most of the true male species. Good luck with your survey.

    • This isn't a gender specific question. It's for both sexes :)

    • I agree that is clearly what you think... advice is unchanged. Good luck

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