Which is the better look; Smart or casual?

I've always been a big fan of smart clothes, not in terms of like I adore suits, just something that shows a bit more personality, I've just never been a big fan of tracksuits or jackets really in my teenage years sure I'd wear then lots, now I barely ever really wear them unless I do need the hood then I'd wear something over that.


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  • Context.

    A well cut tuxedo looks great. But not walking down the street. The goal of our clothes is to make us look good, not to look good by themselves. Most people dress like garbage, and it's easy when you first start being into clothing to focus on the clothes, rather than on yourself IN the clothes.

    But beyond that, it's context. In some contexts you should be casual, in some others more smart.

    That said, I remember a guy posting here once about whether girls liked casual or fancy clothes, then said by fancy he meant jeans as opposed to track pants, and said he liked track pants because you can just pull them on. I was laughing so hard. Like when did operating a button or zipper become some sort of metrosexual foppery. I think I told him girls liked guys who could demonstrate an ability to operate buttons and zippers.

    Dress to make yourself look good, not to look like you don't fit in, or that your clothes own you.


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  • Whatever suits your personality (excuse the pun) - I am casual everyday but for going to work meetings and special outings I would go fairly smart.

  • Casual is the best.

  • Seem pretty subjective in terms, I think both are good depending on the situation.