I need opinions and experiences. Girls, is it good or bad to go commando - without panties?

I started to go commando as punishment after a lost bet with my ex boyfriend. It was a very naughty, exciting and emarrassing sensation at the same time. After that sometimes I wanted to feel that sensation again, so I left home without panties, but slowly the sensation became less and less intense, so I did it more and more frequently.
Finally I realized that I feel more confortable without panties, so it's 9 months since I am not wearing panties at all (except on those days).
Two of my girlfriends found out about my habbit. One of them sais I'm a whore, the other one tried it.
I was not really ready for a "coming out" about this, and now I'd like to hear as many opinions and advices as possible from others.


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  • If not wearing underwear is your preference than stick to it. Ignore the negative and do what you like.