I find a girl more attractive if she is fashionable and styleish, does anyone else feel the same?

I don't mean dresses real formally and high end. I mean something like a nice shirt, a nice pair of skinny jeans, and maybe a leather jacket to top off the outfit when she is just going to the store of something like that. I really like it when a girl has style like that and so i find her more attractive.

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  • I think most guys are like that.

    I'm a tomboy, so trust me. I know most guys prefer that. And when I do dress like a girl, I prefer more androgynous styles like loose fitting, flowy clothes. I'm not a big fan of tight/feminine or clothes that "show off/emphasize" the female figure, but I do wear them once in a while.


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  • I agree, I feel the same way. A good sense of style is super attractive, and if she's already attractive, it'll make her look even better.


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  • I find them more attractive because im fashionable to