What do you listen to when no one is around?

Are there bands that you love to listen to, but you would not want your friends to know you listen to them?


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  • No I'm not like that at all. If I like a certain type of music, I don't care what other people think! Hah. But I do try to consider other people's musical tastes when I listen to music around them.


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  • I used to have "guilty pleasure" music but over the last few years my credo as far as music is concerned is:

    If my body or ears like it, what's there to be ashamed of?

    That aside, I used to listen to Panic At The Disco and Fallout Boy in only the most secret of places.

    • Ha ha, that made me laugh. thnx for your most honest response

    • Of course. That's what I'm here for. What do you listen to when no one is around?

    • When I'm alone I usually listen to something that hits the soul. Like like some Matt Duke, William Fitzsimmons, or Ben Taylor. I'm not asamed to listen to them, the one that I hide from my friends is a band named Lydia. I like them, they sound nice. The girl in the band could serenade me any time. lol

  • Music is something you're passionate about.

    I don't know why someone would be ashamed of it.

    If I love something, including music, I wouldn't deny it.

    • What kind of music are you passionate about?

    • Things that can relate to how I feel. Where I can tell they put they're heart in it.

      Like with the lyrics, beat, everything.

      Eminem, have you heard the lyrics? It's so genuine, and real.

      Mayday Parade, every reason to love them.

      Crash Coordinates, I've met these guys. Their music isn't nesscarily deep but it's clever and I appreciate that. Oh and Torin Dinh, met him too. He's a rsing artist with so much in storaged. I hope the world can handle him (:

  • not really. I like what I like and if some one's got a problem with that they can get out of the car:D

    • I guess its different when your a guy, there is music that I am passionate about that my guy friends would not be into. plus I kind of like people not knowing. its like my own getta way

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