Should I go back to natural hair?

I'm currently about 3 months post relaxer and my hair grows really quickly. I'm undecided to whether I should go back to fully natural hair?

I have 4c hair which is really hard to manage for me.

Any views/ideas/opinions?

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  • Maybe to give your hair a break for a bit, go natural for a while - You can always return to relax it whenever you want.

    • My roots are natural and the ends are straight so it's hard to deal with, I wish it was that easy lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • I was going to say do what you think is best haha... But i decided to click go fully natural instead. Really, once you get into the swing of things, learn what products are perfect for what on your own hair (not what works for others but does nothing for you) and get your routine down, it gets much easier.

    And winter time is the perfect time to do it too. On days it gets too much and you can't be bothered to do a style, just whack on a wooly hat, hairs hidden and out the way but you didn't have to do much. You can just do like one braid or two at the side without brushing it all and just have the braid coming out of the hat, or like twisted bangs or something (if you're not chopping off all the relaxer obviously)

    Once you've done it and got your routine, you'll love it so much. You can do ANYTHING, you can have a proper fro, curls, messy curls, ringlets or sleek straight, when you have straight relaxed hair it's more limited to straight, ringlets and only certain types of curls. Plus hairstyles just look fuller and have more substance.

    • I agree with your last paragraph the most but I'm a student and don't have time for all that 2hrs hair care business lol. I tried going natural once but I always got so frustrated because my hair's so thick and hard to comb. I tried doing deep conditioning but that took forever. My natural hair doesn't agree with me.

      Also right now my hair's like bra strap length, I don't want to "big chop" as a short afro wouldn't suit me at all.

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    • Na, 3c doesn't do anything, it's so useless. All you can do really is have curls, and you don't really get much volume or anything. It's just so floppy and useless haha. I would gladly swap any day. I know jealousy isn't good, but when I first went natural I used to hate so much that I couldn't do all the nice hairstyles and have a real fro. If you had it, you'd get real bored real fast.

    • Wow I've never met someone who thought that but it just shows hair envy is real lol. But how could you not like your hair? It's so pretty and bouncy and you can do so many different things to it. Also twist-outs look more defined on your hair type. So 3c > 4c end of lol.

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  • Yes, you should. Simply because it is healthier for your hair than constant dye

    • My hair is healthy relaxed and I only do it twice a year

What Girls Said 5

  • I would recommend choosing what's healthiest for your mind, body, and spirit. Based on what I know, the chemicals used in relaxers can literately damage your hair follicles. Not only that but you are setting a mental expectation for yourself that you were not genetically designed to embody. If you do not have straight hair then damaging your hair or paying tons of money to make it look like something it's not is only going to hurt your pockets and your self-esteem.

    Beauty is health. :) I think you should choose to go natural and just really educate yourself about what your hair needs/what you can do to make the most out of it.

    • You might think I'm "white-washed" or whatever but I don't think natural hair suits me at all, it looks good on others but it makes me look so childish lol.

    • Actually, I have no opinion on you being 'white-washed' because I don't actually know you and haven't taken the time to get to know you. You thinking that way is most likely an effect of being brainwashed by a very Eurocentric media. It's your hair so do what you please but it's best to do what's most healthy for your hair *and economical for your pockets*

  • Are you black? I know natural is healthier, but I like my perms. I just can't deal with no afro or weave.

    • Yeah I'm black African so my natural hair texture is unmanageable tbh. It's so much easier to have relaxed hair you can just comb it can you're done in 5 mins. But I'd like to try natural styles as well..

    • Yea I'm Aftican American with some Native American, but I'm sure our hair works the same

    • Yeah and it is possible to have healthy relaxed hair too

  • I wish I could give you helpful advice, but unfortunately I know very little about African descent hair types. A few of my best friends are black. You girls work really hard on your hair! I'm so dang lazy. Is the issue just that you want something that looks nice and is more manageable or are you concerned about hair health primarily or maybe cost primarily?

    • I'm concerned about time health and cost equally lol. Which is why I like straight hair because it's a lot easier than natural curly hair. I'm lazy when it comes to hair too.

  • Weigh the pros & cons. Cost, management, etc.. If you're more comfortable one way, do that way. There's a measurement of hair? 4c? I didn't know that & I took cosmetology lol!

    • Yeah it goes from 1a straightest hair type to 4c which is the curliest/kinkiest hair type. And what if the pros ans cons balance out lol?

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    • I've considered that but I know I'd straighten my hair more often than leaving it so I thought it would just be healthier to relax it as constant regular heat is just as bad.

    • It probably would be better, then. It's what you want, & if you'd constantly be straightening it anyway, I'd say go with the relaxer.

  • I have 4c hair and I relax it about once or twice a year. I recommend deep conditioning treatments to ease discomfort and style more easily. I wear my hair in a lot of protective styles to grow it out. I've tried being natural many times and it's really expensive. It also takes a lot of patience. Healthy hair is a journey, but how you want to have your hair is ultimately your decision. Relaxed hair can be healthy as well. Natural doesn't mean healthy.

    • Twice a year for me except my hair grows so fast so by the time I relax it again I have a lot of undergrowth and I don't have time for natural hair care. I'll try deep conditioning and see if that makes things more manageable lol.

      Us 4c hair people have it the hardest I think..

    • We really do have it the hardest. My hair grows super fast and crazy which is why I stick to my protective styles. My mom has 4c hair and it grows quite fast and I tell her to wear a wig or what when she feels like perming it. I think 4c hair grows very fast in general it's just the fragility and curl pattern that makes people think it's undesirable. I recommend Pantene conditioner or garnier fall fight conditioner. That's what I use 😊 Black hair care shampoos and conditioner are the same as the others just more expensive. Long as you get your needed oil & moisture from the conditioner you will be good. ☺☺☺

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