What makes you "perfect" in their eyes?

It's funny, because my guy just told me that he brags to his friends about how "perfect" I am. Now, I know very well that I'm anything but, and I have my share of flaws just like anyone else. For example, I can be a huge dork at times, I have a difficult time sticking up for myself, I'm very quiet and shy which makes it difficult for me to make friends, I confuse my left and my right fairly often, I wasn't blessed with gorgeous skin, I could go on and on. Lols! He knows all of these things about me, and he still says that I'm perfect simply because I'm beautiful (or so he says. He's a sweetie! ^_^), I love playing video games, I'm into anime, I don't stir up drama, I'm not a jealous person, I can laugh at myself and go along with a joke, I don't care if he plays WoW while I'm over at his place, I love to cook and clean, I'm sweet, easygoing, and he basically told me how he just loves everything about me. So, my question is, if you love someone, do you see them as perfect, despite any flaws that they may have? If that's true, what are some things in your significant other that you think makes them "perfect" in your eyes? What makes you "perfect" in theirs?


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  • No, I would never call my husband perfect, and I don't think he could call me perfect either. We've known one another for almost ten years now. We have seen ourselves fall from the pedestals we held for one another many a time. As nice as I am, I have been mean to him. As caring as he is, he has been callous with me. Those are just things that come with time. People are not perfect. They never will be. They will always disappoint, but that isn't really the point is it? The point is we love one another despite those flaws. Despite those hurts we have managed a way to forgive and build anew. My love overflows for my husband and covers over many, many wrongs - perhaps that is the sort of thing that contributes to the saying, "love is blind." Nonetheless, I think it is this imperfection that helps to build the strongest of bonds. A puzzle would not hold if all the pieces were perfect squares.

    I think by saying you are perfect, your boyfriend is really trying to say, "You are all I could have ever wanted or hoped for and more." That to me is better than perfect :)

    • Wish my first love shared some of the sentiments included in this answer. We'd probably still be together. She had this silly idea that love was somehow perfect and just fell into place. If two people were meant to be, why would there be hardships? I never was under that impression, but moreso the impression that true love conquers the hardships, it doesn't steer clear of them altogether. Well said Ms Donut=P

    • Thank you Jeffery :)

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  • Probably means you're perfect as far as he's concerned. Like for example, you don't have perfect skin, he probably couldn't care less, so he doesn't even consider it as part of the equation for being perfection. Most likely the same goes for your other flaws. He just doesn't see them as flaws, because it's something insignificant.

  • ye ur right id rather be ugly than not b able to stick up 4 my self . its so weak .

  • People use the word "perfect" as more of a phrase than an actual meaning. It just means that he is totally satisfied with you the way you are. So let him have his "word" and feel blessed that he sees you as the girl he treasures.


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