What do guys think when girls have hair on their arms? Because Indians usually do, and I'm very insecure.....

So I have never had a boyfriend before. But about a month ago a guy I really like asked me out but he lives 400 miles away so we don't see each other everyday. I am afraid that when we actually get a chance to hang out, he will be disgusted by my arm hair...


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  • You're right, Indians usually do. They also usually have dark head hair, too.

    Are you insecure about that as well?

    What about the shape of your eyes, or the colour of your skin?

    You don't say if your guy is also Indian, but assuming that he knows that you are, surely he would realise that arm hair is a possibility. You say you really like him, and he DID ask you out, so I think you are probably worrying about nothing. I don't mean to sound dismissive, but just try and relax and be comfortable with yourself. If he really does like you, at the very least he won't mind, and he may even find it charming!

    I know lots of Indian girls, and most of them have a fair bit of hair on their arms, temples, and so on. I LIKE Indian girls, and to me it's just part of who they are - if I like the girl, I tend to also like all sorts of little things about them.

    Anyway, isn't it sometimes the so-called 'imperfections' that make the one you love 'perfect'?

    One girl I know has a medical problem that causes an unusual amount of body hair for a woman, Indian or otherwise. For the past few years she has been removing the hair from at least those areas that are publicly visible, and I think she does so for reasons similar to your concerns. I wish she wouldn't - or at least I wish she would just trim it back a bit if really needed - because that would mean she was much more comfortable with herself than she appears to be now. She is such a charming, intelligent, bubbly sort of person that she is quite attractive and sexy anyway, and arm hair wouldn't influence that. Besides, shaving or whatever she does sometimes causes a slight rash on her upper arms, and you can feel a slight stubble when you touch her. It makes me sad that she feels the need to shave.

    In an idealistic sense, I'm not actually a fan of hairy women, but in reality I would much prefer her to be more natural and to feel relaxed and happy with herself than to feel self-conscious about it.

    A happy woman, confident of her own femininity, is much sexier than little prickles!

    So, my two cents worth?

    It's true that physical appearance makes a high initial impression, but after that it's your other characteristics that will leave the most lasting one. Surely a bit of hair here and there would be a trivial barrier to something as powerful as love?!

    Relax, enjoy yourself and who you are!

    Good luck, and have fun!


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  • Why are you so secure... Here's what I would say if someone made a crude comment about my armhair:

    "Wow! That's sick. Why do you have hair on your arms"


    "What are you? The hair police? Sorry officer, I swear it won't happen again."

    On a much more serious note, though. I don't think you really have much to worry about. Like the girl said: if it really bothers you, just shave it off. If someone makes fun of you for armhair, ask them if they need help finding the elementary school... I think making fun of someone for something so simple is sandbox bully stuff. ;-)

  • east indian. or native? I'm sure he won't mind. it sounds like he already likes you for what's inside anyway.


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  • If you are that worried about it...then just shave it off...simple. You will no longer need to worry about that and you can now focus on other things.

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