The power to change living creatures into something else.

This is a question for anyone wanting to answer. If you had the power to turn living creatures, (humans included) into any inanimate object, (like furniture, clothes, items, material of some sort, etc) what would you do with that power? Any answer is OK, just wanna see what everyone would do.


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  • first let me get into the mindset of a witch... That might take a while. Maybe some meditation. Because actually the thought of turning life into an inanimate thing? Its not nice...

    But if I had to- then I would turn someone into a mountain. Or a river, or a sea. Maybe a tree. Metal wire? Not cloth- no definately not.

    • So pretty much nature stuff? I'm curious, what would you do with them after turning them into any of those?

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    • It would only be for the reason you asked this question. I wouldn't ever want to turn anyone into anything. But yes nature has life so....

    • I understand. It's a question out of curiosity. Thanks for answering. ^^

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