What do you guys think of this tattoo idea?

a lot of people know about what happened to the Armenians 100 years ago, but a lot of people don't know that Armenians weren't the only ones targeted; Greeks, Assyrians, Yazidis and Lebanese were also targeted for extermination by the Ottoman authorities. I'm 1/4 Lebanese myself and my great great grandparents suffered through the Lebanon famine of 1916-1917. With regards to the Armenians and Lebanese, Enver Pasha said "We have destroyed the former by the sword, we shall destroy the latter through starvation". 100,000 lebanese (1/3rd the population starved to death). So I was thinking of having and emaciated woman lying on her side wrapped in a lebanese flag with a hand on a bowl with a few crumbs in it. And she would be impaled with the bottom part of a light-silver crescent with a red backggrund with blood dripping off it. And below it it would say "never forget 1916-1917"
What do you think?


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  • Very deep - If you believe passionately in the message, do it - One thing to consider if it is in a public area of your body may get you unwanted attention from someone who doesn't like message but in reality it is your body, your ideals and once it is not aggressively looking for conflict I don't mind political statements.


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  • The problem is that its more than a little grotesque, I admire your commitment to remembering the innocent that died, but it is extremely grotesque

  • I think that there's enough anger and hate in the world about things that are happening today without adding in 100 year old feuds.


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