How to stop nail polish from chipping?

Ok girls (or guys)
How do I stop my nail polish from chipping so much? I don't get like cheap brands of nail polish and I always put an overcoat but sometimes I can't even wear my nail polish for a week or more because it started to chip a lot and I get annoyed and just remove it completely.
So any advice?


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  • Mine usually only lasts about a week with touch-ups but I think it's just as well since the paint grows further from the cuticle every day. But my tricks are a GOOD base coat, at least two coats of paint, a glitter layer since it hides little chips and you can paint over, a top coat, and being sure to paint across the front of your nails. You can also try *gently* buffing your nails with the finest grain before you start so the paint has more to hold onto.

    • I usually clean my nails with a brush before I paint
      So the brush has soap and I rinse it under the water so they're clean
      I then add just a layer of the base coat then two of the colour and then one top
      But I will try two layers of base
      Hopefully that will help

    • Oh no. Sorry if I wasn't clear! ONE coat of base, two coats of paint. I don't think two coats of base would help you very much :/

    • Ahh well that's what I do anyways haha maybe it's the nail polish brand. Because I once had this nail polish brand and it was amazing and didn't chip much at all and was very hard and smooth on the nail

  • they never last unless you get fake!

  • Get a gel manicure. If applied correctly, it doesn't chip and peel and mine lasts for 3-4 weeks. Removing them can be difficult though.

    • I've had gel once and I hated it to be fair haha yes it didn't chip but there isn't a lot of colours to choose from and just eh

  • I heard once that using base coat helps.