Eye contact with the guy across the room?

If a guy is constantly looking your way, he catches you and you catch him, is there a connection or attraction between the male and female?


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  • sounds like it. he's admiring your looks because he obviously doesn't know anything about your personality at this point. get to know him more and see what he's like.

    • Little by little, he's starting to show little signs. Like, today he asked me instead if his friend, "Hey, do you know if we had any hw?" It was kinda late considering we were already in class. Then I see him looking my way but always looking at the walls. But in my other class he looks my way and we make eye contact several times. If I ask him for anything he's always nice and makes an effort to give me paper or pen. & if someone else gives me something, he takes it plays with it then gives it to me

    • Haha go with your gut. if you read that last comment out loud to yourself, it becomes pretty obvious. go for it! :)

    • Haha, alrighty. :] Thank you.

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  • That is generally a way of silently flirting, so, yeah, I'd say there's at least some sort of a connection/attraction.

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