Hair serums salon vs supermarket/ chemist?

I like so may other women out there straighten my hair ( when I feel like) and I just want to know which heat defense straightening serum is better?

I bought one from a salon but I didn't like the effect it had after I had straightened it? And supermarkets are ok just my hair frizzes up after a while.

also which other ceramic straightening irons are good (besides GHD) that are affordable I love keeping my hair in order and all but I prefer simple. Any suggestions?

Please help me find a good serum that can at least


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    First of all flat iron break your hair over time........especially if you put color in your hair.

    Your best alternative to hair products is going to a professional hair salon and having them straighten your hair which will last a number of months rather than a day or two. Products bought in the drugstore do not not work and build up on your hair making it dull et certera!

    If you are going to buy product your best bet is to go to a beauty supply store or a hair salon.

    Oh and make sure the the hair supply store is not a discount hair supply store. For example Sally's hair supplie store sells seconds and you honestly don't want to buy old product. I recommend a reputable hair supply store ....good luck and if you have a flat iron be sure not to use it excessively especially if you color your hair..........I have seen many young girls with terrible breakage to the point that they have had to cut their hair very short....!

    Honest, I think curl and wave is most attractive I don't know why you girls want this poker straight hair !!!!


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  • I don't remember the name of one that I use, but go to Sally's Beauty Supply store. They have everything, and I get a lot of good products there. Some of the items are only for licensed hairstylists, so ask first before getting in line. You could ask the cashier too.

  • My family is full of hairdressers and they say none of them actually work that its just a scam to make money! So I would say ditch the heat defenses and just straighten your hair like normal and then use a frizz shine serum afterwards!

    • Dam. I knew I was being scammed but was so desperate. I just love my hair straight so addictive really. Do you know any good frizz shine serums? Cause we might not have them in my country? But still?

    • Usually the supermarket frizz syrum works better than the dear stuff in my experience