What are some cute outfit ideas for a short, mesomorphic body type?

For brown hair brown eyes and stuff. :)


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  • It was hard to get images for the look I was thinking of but it seems you are in shape so I would pick clothes that compliment your body shape without being too exposed, the classy tight look.


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  • I'm also kinda mesomorph like and have a full bust with thicker thights and a small waist. Here's what looks good at me:
    - https://i40.tinypic.com/wrcspu.png
    Pencil skirts look great. They show off your hips and taille and cover your legs a bit. Make sure to pick a more shorter one out for you if you have short legs.
    - s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...4fbc2a3136.jpg
    Tailled jacket, loose t-shirt with skinny jeans is bae.
    - anything tight will basically look good. Make sure you have something in your outfit tight. Like skinny jeans with sweater. Don't do oversized things.
    - static.missguided.co.uk/.../...06.15_mc_451664.jpg
    Bomberjacks! They look really awesome.

    What not to do
    - oversized things. They only look cute on girls with less curves
    - things like flared jeans
    - skater skirts. At me, they make me look overly curved and kinda awkward. Depends on your bust size.


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  • You know what would look good on you?

    ... me.

    *ba dum tss


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