Why do guys always say that they don't want their girl to dress "out there" but can't stop looking at her?

Please explain because I'm dying to hear this :0

As in really short dresses skirts shorts..etc


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  • "Out there" as in a different style... Like ... --> The tin man off wizard of oz...


    "Out there" as in a different style... Like ... --> Purple hair / Chains / etc

    The first one, that's okay for a play. The second, that's alright for a moshing event / concert / halloween... Personally, their both "OKAY" but what is "more attractive" is typically what looks the most flirtatious and "cute" within certain boundaries.

    The best advice I can tell you- is to dye your hair the way you want to, then have a few of your guy friends come over (after it dries) and see what they think. What are you dieing the colors to?

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Skirts are hella attractive- what guy in his right mind wouldn't want a girl to wear a dress? Hot body + skirt = Horny guy.

  • I wouldn't mind you turning some heads.


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