Athletics guys or non-athletics? would you like them to flirt with yo??

want kind of guys You girls like more?

non-athletics doesn't necessarily means fat

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  • athletic guys, I think athletic guys are so hot. They obviously take care of themselves and obviously realize that an hour or two in the gym is better than sitting on the couch stuffing your face. I think it's important to take some pride in how you look and that includes being able to get off your ass and into the gym. I guess I'm mainly talking about guys who work out and not like professional athletes (even though most of them look amazing too) but yeah, I'd rather be approached by a guy who looks like he regularly see's the inside of the gym as opposed to a guy who thinks of the gym as some sort of torture


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  • I'm attracted to artistic guys

    • Same here. Some athletic guys are more focused on the body than the personality. I don't like that.

      However, if he's a bit of both-well I defintly don't mind. :)

    • Isn't being focused on your body a part of your personality?

      Granted, I think you mean that he would have a not-so-great personality, but he would be focusing on it nevertheless.

  • I am personally more into dancer's but not all the time.I am not into major jocks Iuno the past year I am into artists and dancer's I guess becuz they know my life style But I have also dated a chubbyier guy Like Its the personality that I am atrracted to not the looks

  • I like guys who keep them selves heathy but not to buff. I'm kinda into guys who are shy but are themselves around me! it makes me smile :)


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