I'm really shy when I first meet people, so how do I meet guys?

So, I'm a 20-year-old girl who can't seem to meet any guys. I think the main problem is that I don't know how to approach a guy and guys never approach me. (If you're willing to offer any insight into why this might be, I would really appreciate it!)

I think (at least hope) that I am someone worth meeting. I'm an interesting person, like to do stuff outdoors, watch movies, hang out, try new stuff. But how do I convey this to someone who I just met? Especially since I am so shy when I first meet people. I do open up, it just takes a little time.

also, is it my appearance? Is there anything I can do to be more attractive? (i.e. lose weight, haircut, different makeup, style, etc.) Just be honest, I'm pretty thick-skinned. (there are a couple pictures of me on my profile, feel free to take a look)


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  • im not taking the mickey when I say this but; get drunk.

    i had no confidence and was really shy at a party and after a few drinks I was loose enough to actually speak to the girl and it worked out really well

    be warned though don't get too drunk and just come on to the person; youve gotta still have some control but enough alcohol in you to happily start conversation


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  • its probably that your intimadating..

    iv always been pretty shy too, and guys wouldn't really aproach me.. the guy I'm with now it took him about a month to get up the balls to come talk to me and he said that all his buddies wanted to also but they were all intimidated!

    maybe if you see a cute guy give him a friendly smile and say hi and leave it at that, if he's interested hel come and start a convorsation