Bathing suit?

So some friends and I are gonna go on a trip soon. We are gonna go swimming and stuff. Some guys are joining us as well. I am a bit self conscious and am a bit scared of being in my bathing suit around them. I don't know the guys all too well. I wouldn't say I'm fat but the other girls are a lot thinner than me I think. what do I do?

any cute bathing suit tips that might make me look better?


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  • just because you aren't as "skinny" does mean that your necessarily going to be unattractive. Trust me guys like it if the girls has alittle bit of "meat on the bone", you don't sound like way obese or nething. so its probably no big deal and the kind of guy that would judge you isn't some1 you want attention from ne1. and I mean worst case scaneirio: the guy will just kind of ignore you, no guy is gonna make cruel comments or even think your gorss or nething like that. (no decent guy, or ne of my friends would neway). Plus I mean guys in general don't look ove girls for every little flaw like a lot of girls think we do. Plus guys in general just love it whenever girls wear swimsuits period, any guys around you should feel priveleged that you expose the portion of the body that you do.

    • Ok thanks:)

    • O, btw as you can guess I mean does not mean in the first sentence, lol fail on my part!

    • Ya I guessed that haha

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  • If you're not happy with how you look in a swimsuit you need to make some changes. Diet and exercise, it's not that hard if you're really willing to put the effort in to feeling better about yourself.

    If you're not willing to do that, buy a sarong - it's like a swimsuit wrap that goes around your waist and it'll hide your thighs and butt, if those are your problem areas.

    And make sure you buy a swimsuit top that is flattering to your body shape, if you have good arms, go strapless, if not wear like a tankini or a thicker strapped bikini top.

    Hope this helps.

    • You can always go for a one piece too. if you're really that self conc.

    • ^ Don't go for the one piece, trust me, when I see a girl in a one piece my age I know they're sososo self-conscience and do I really want to date someone that self conscience?

    • Tanks for the advice guys:)