Do women have better choices in fashion than men? Do they have more to choose from? Is this fair?

While out shopping, I notice that there seem to be more women only clothing stores than men only clothing stores. Also, for stores that carry both women's and men's clothing there seems to be disproportionately more women's clothing while the men's clothes are tucked into a small corner of the store.

I think most of us can agree that girls are sexier than guys. So do they need these extra clothing choices to be even sexier? Shouldn't guys have more to choose from so that they can be equally attractive? Or perhaps guys just don't care as much about clothing and looking good; less demand means less supply.


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  • Last sentence sums it up - Ask a guy what he is wearing ( jeans and top ), ask a girl (shoes colour, style, brand, how much and where she bought it, jeans colour, style, brand, how much and where she bought it and top colour, style, brand, how much and where she bought it) and while you are there she will ask you what do you think would be the the best jacket to go with this outfit.


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  • I think girls do have a lot more choices when it comes to clothing. But I don't really understand how a girl can where reveiling clothes like tights and shot shorts etc. And guys can't wear a single semi tight shirt. As a guy i would feel equal if there were more stores like that for guys. I think that guys do actually care about what they wear though wheather their gay or straight.

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