Girls, is it a plus to you if a guy is fashanable? What kind of clothing do you think look good on a guy?


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  • Personally I love a fashionable man who will wear fitted jeans, pants and button up tops. I love a man in pale blue, white and sometimes black button ups. For a more causal look I like a man who wears plain (ironed!) shirts basically any colours but yellow and bright orange. I'm not a fan of men wearing shirts with too much going on (pictures, words etc) just a plain shirt is nice. I also don't believe men should wear clothes that are oversized or too big if they can help it. I'm not very much into caps for everyday wear unless of course they're out and it's actually sunny. And again these are only my preferences. Accessories I love it when they wear watches I don't know why but I love it. skinny jeans I'm fine with as long as they're not too overly skinny but just average tailored jeans are preferable. Clean shoes wether sneakers or more dressy shoes are always nicer clean.

    But for me it's obviously a plus if they're more fashionable as I'm very much into fashion myself (:


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