So are pretty and cute really that high up on a guy's list to describe a girl?

What about Sexy? Hot?.. It doesn't hurt to be called sexy once in a while..


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  • I actually like a female whose a hybrid: sexy and cute. Sexy being very feminine and ladylike in the way she dresses and acts, kinda working/owning your sex appeal. now Cute, that's more of a personality thing, like you're down to earth, kind, an animal you know jus an all-around nice girl. In essence, If you can pull off being a sexy lady without thinking you're god's gift to man lol, you're a good catch.

    • I've been called cute so many times.. Thing is, every time someone says cute I get reminded of bunny rabbits :p.. I'm 5'8, 132 pounds and there's no way in hell I'm as cute as a bunny.. Lol.. I got called impish just yesterday.. Sweet is some thing I get called a LOT.. I just don't want to come off as a goody two shoes who'll just do what anyone wants..

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  • Pretty: Nice looking. High tier.

    Cute: Adorable personality. Girlish looks.

    Hot: Sexual desire for her. Nothing particular.

    Sexy: Strong sexual desire for her.

    • Pretty much this. To me, calling a girl "sexy" gives off too much of a "I'm talking to you because I'm after your pussy" tone. This applies more to girls I don't know as well (as opposed to, say, my girlfriend), but I'd still rather not give off that feeling.

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  • Someone who is cute generally has an innocence about them, they are considered sweet. Cute is a more subtle word for guys to use, anyone can be called cute and it isn't taken as seriously as being called hot. When someone is called hot, they will think they're being flirted with and are more likely to be rejected if the feelings aren't mutual. Being called cute sounds better than hot because often times it could be taken as a sexual compliment and the girl will think that all the guy wants is to bang, that he's only looking at her body and not at her face, into her eyes.