Looks are subjective. I agree to a degree. But then what about the comments on a male models Instagram/youtube video vs normal guy video? genes?😢😢?

If it is genes... then how can I know if I have good enough genes huh?😢


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  • Who cares what society thinks? The smart people have the best genes...

    • I'm a computer science engineering student at a top college in my country.
      BUT I want to know if my face is potentially as attractive as any male model to the majority of women. This question has been making me so frustrated... I went ahead and asked Girls here... some said I looked attractive and cute and others said I looked fine (wtf? Fine?😢😢 noo)

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    • What makes guys attractive is...
      His confidence
      His passion
      A good sense of humor
      Good hygiene (smelling good)
      Open body language
      And most importantly not giving a fuck and living life the way he wants to.

    • I have all those things plus an Adonis body (well... not there YET but pretty close)... I just wanna know if I have a good enough face (not because I can't get a girlfriend... I can easily get a girlfriend... but just because I want the security in my brain that okay... I am just as hot as any male model).

  • The people who comment on the Instagram or youtube are more into it so are more likely to comment a certain way.