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Yesterday, I went out with my boyfriend to the mall along with a couple of my friends. We headed over to Forever 21 and my boyfriend followed, and we were just there trying on a bunch of random stuff. One of my friends kept on handing me the most risque dresses (for some odd reason) she could find for me try on, and I refused at first out of embarrassment, but I decided later to just try them on anyways just for fun, and because my boyfriend was saying I should try on this red and black dress that almost looked like something that belonged to a cancan dancer so he could see. We then went to the dressing rooms and I came out with the red and black dress, and my friend said that she actually thought I looked pretty good in it and my other friend that was with us said that I looked like I was going to try to seduce someone in it, and my boyfriend instantly looked at me and stared at me the whole time I was wearing it. I also got around to trying the other two dresses my friend picked out, and once we finished, my friends decided to stick around that store for a while and meet my boyfriend and I at McDonald's. While we were waiting, we got onto the topic of me trying on the dresses, and he told me that none of the dresses I tried on suited me, but he said that my friends looked cute in a couple of dresses that they tried on. It kind of made me a bit sad, in a way, because he even urged me to try one of the dresses on, saying that I could make anything look good and that he thought I would look really sexy in it. I know the things I tried on are things I don't ever wear, but I thought that's what would have made it sexy in his eyes... I don't really understand why he just said that or how to interpret it...


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  • Well, if he was starring at you, then he thought you looked hot. But if the dress was revealing and 'sexy' then he probably was thinking that if other guys saw you in it, how they would think the things he was thinking about you too. It's hard to explain, like if I was wearing shirts that my ass were hanging out of, my boyfriend would like it, but he wouldn't let me wear it in public. It's kinda like a, I like your body, but I don't want it on display for everyone else to see, you know what I mean? and if they didn't 'suit' you, I think that was his way of saying it. But you shouldn't of gotten sad about it, I don't think he was trying to say you weren't cute or sexy or anything. Like I don't think he was trying to be mean


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  • well I suppose it would depend on how close you and your boyfriend are/have been... he might be saying that, though you look sexy in the dresses, he sees you in a more innocent light.

  • I'm guessing it threw him off to see you decked out in a sexy dress just because you don’t normally dress like that. Clearly, he likes you just the way you are and it's a little weird for him to see you any other way. Just be yourself! If you’re looking to stop him dead in his tracks, then find a dress that is right for you, in other words, something you're comfortable in. I highly recommend hitting up Nordstrom or Bloomingdales for a dress that will more than suit you! Once again, be yourself and I'm sure he'll love whatever you're wearing.