Girls, riding boots or combat boots okay for a guy?

I'm a guy and I'll admit I really like fashion and tend to show that. One of the things I typically wear is girls super skinny jeans. I wear this since I like figure fitting clothes and never wear anything baggy. With those jeans, I typically wear vans and nikes but something I've always liked the look of and wanted to try are riding boots and combat boots but I never knew if I really should. I'll point out now that I am NOT gay at all. I just happen to like certain fashionable things that a guy usually doesn't. I really tend to dress for myself and not for attention. I bought two pairs of riding boots and one pair of combat boots and have pictures of me wearing them below. Tell me what you think and if you have any opinions on what else I could wear with them that goes well, let me know! I think I look really good but that's my opinion.

Anymore opinions?


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  • Dayuuuum can we trade legs, pleaaaase?😂

    • Hahah take'em!! I hate how they're so girly. But how do the boots look?

    • The combat boots look good but I'm not really digging the riding boots 😊

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