Is this a good idea? how would you feel?

I'm thinking about getting 1 red rose for my girl and telling her to close her eyes and to open them when I say. and once she opens them I'll be standing there with a red rose and a smile on my this a good idea?

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  • I wouldn't maker her "close her eyes" or she'll expect something extreme when she opens them. I would just casually keep your hand behind your back, smile slyly, make her ask what you're doing and then show it to her, give her a kiss and smile. with a "happy valentine's babe" or "be my valentine" or somethin like that.


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  • I agree with everyone else, don't necessarily make her close her eyes, but if you want to surprise her you could leave it in a place she would expect it and let her find it or just give it to her! You are very sweet.

  • sure, id suggest you to do it spontaneously tho. don't overwhelm yourself with these could disturb her, so do it but play it cool and natural.


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