Have you ever been in a public change room and been surprised by what you saw on someone?

my question i guess would be about body piercings and tattoo's as they've increased in popularity in recent years and previously unheard of piercings are now more common and not just the belly button is being pierced by a lot of women these days , and in general tattoo's are much more common than ever before. so i'm wondering if people out there have had odd moments in the change room where they noticed someone had something and were like really they have that piercied? or a tattoo there?

  • yes i have noticed someone with a piercing somewhere i wouldn't of though they'd have
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  • yes i have noticed someone with a tattoo somewhere i wouldn't of though they'd have
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  • no i have not seen anything yet
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  • other please explain
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  • Maybe a lot of tattoos might get my attention but not in a surprised notice but a that looks good notice,

    • i've noticed a lot of tattoo's at my gym , some days I'd count 5 or so people working out that had visible tattoo's and those were just the "visible " tattoo's , I'm sure there is more

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  • When I was 10 me and my family visited a public bath and in the showers an old man was walking around naked and his ballsack was hanging down to 10 inches above the floor. I was so scared he was going to step on it.

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