I have scoliosis so that's why it looks like that.

Hey. I had to ask this. What do you think of girls who's tops{from neck to ass} are short. Like when I wear a coat my top looks short and legs look longer. I'm 5'3. I mean Its kinda weird to me. Its not anything extraordinary or awful. I have scoliosis so that's why it looks like that. Answer please


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  • It means you'll have a hard time finding clothing that fits and will have to find a decent tailor for adjustments.

    Seriously, that's it. Fashion designers are trained to draw women with really long legs and short tops. I'm dating someone now who is tall and has a long top, but I used to date someone who was 5'3" and proportioned like you. Both of them are very sexy. Unfortunately, the shorter one was a failure as a girlfriend... but that has nothing to do with her proportions ;)

    More importantly, see some sort of decent doctor(s) about the scoliosis.* That can cause chronic health problems, but there are treatment and management therapies that generally work much better if you start when you're still young.

    * If you're in the US, you probably can't afford most of the treatment options. But try anyway.


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  • It's just clothes as long as they cover your butt since their short that's what matters.

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