Are these clothes appropriate for college?

I want to create a new style for myself before going to college. So i have came up with few outfits:

a. Tank top, oversized knit outer, ripped jeans, converse / sneakers

b. Tank top, flannel shirt, skinny jeans, converse

c. Oversized tshirt, ripped jeans, converse. Oversized knit outer (optional)

are te these outfits appropriate for college?

The ripped jeans wouldn't be the one thats showing too much skin.

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  • It depends on the college. At most public universities you would be fine, some private schools (especially church-affiliated schools) have student dress codes that would not allow that.

    If you have time you may want to visit the campus while classes are in session, walk around & see what the atmosphere is like.


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  • I like it, especially the ripped jeans, tank top and sneakers combination, as well as skinny jeans & tank top and converse.


What Girls Said 4

  • It's college. No one cares what you wear.

    When I was in college there was a guy who wore zebra leggings and a pink tank top and he went around on one of those hoverboard things. No one cared.

    Wear whatever.

  • Sorry, I choose B by mistake beacuse I got confused and tought you meant to choose a for the first outift, b for the second outfit, and c for the third outift. I should really pay more attention. ^^;

    • Anyways, they sound good. Like Prettygurl12 says, "It's college. No one cares what you wear." I don't think college is as judgmental as high school, so, wear what you want. ^_^

  • With the converse you could also switch up with the over sized shirt, tie it in a knot on the side and tie a flannel around your waist. With some simple jeans.

  • Maybe if you switched out the converse for black booties such as:

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