What to wear on friend's (male) birthday party?

hey there need to attend a party on coming Sunday and very tense to what to wear to look good i thought of wearing leather jacket with a white tee inside and a rough jeans with formal shoes but i am afraid that what if everybody wears formal so what do you say?


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  • Well, where's the party at? If the party's at his house or at a pub, chances are you'll be okay. If it's going out to a restaurant more formal might be good. You could also ask one of your other friends who's going to see what they're wearing?

    Or if you want to cover all bases, you could go for semi-formal, so something that will be formal enough to make it look like an effort but casual enough you won't be overdressed. Your clothes sounded good, but maybe for semi-formal change it to a white buttoned shirt, untucked, and some plain jeans without any rips. Keep the jacket and the shoes. See, here it doesn't look like you're getting dressed up, but you're not walking in anywhere fancy in a t-shirt :)


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