Do girls unconsciously think this?

Do girls unconsciously think a guy she doesn't really know is more attractive when looking at him next to a very attractive girl

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  • Yeah but its not just girls. Guys think the same about girls, art and all that in general. If you get an ugly vase and put beautiful flowers in it, you don't think about the vase being ugly, you think how lovely the vase is with THOSE flowers. It is drawing attention away from the physicals of one thing to another. This is done in marketing all the time, very successfully. If its crap on a stick, as long as a hot chick is holding it, it will be a winner.


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  • yeah actually... I do... huh. never noticed that before.

  • not really. if you're not attractive then you're not attractive no matter who you're next to. if you are attractive then vice versa. other girls are kind of just like there to me they don't really affect how I see the guy


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