Do I look good enough now? Or should I work on it a little bit more?

Just asking for opinions on whether or not I should work out more or if I'm fine now, or whatever.

Last time I tried posting this picture a mod deleted the post...not sure if it had with another picture I had on there too...but this picture is me so yeah. I mean nothing by this so please don't delete it xD.



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  • First of all, you can get way more women with your charm, wit, confidence and success (often money too) than with just your physical appearance. So don't put all your eggs into the physical appearance basket.

    Second, I don't really understand your question. Are you asking if it's okay to stop working out forever? Because you realize that your body is going to continually change, it won't just stay the same how it is for the rest of your life. If you want to keep physically fit, active, in shape, etc then you need to continually work at it whether you're going to the gym, playing sports, jogging, etc. It's not a simple on-off switch.

    • Woah! I was just asking for opinions xD not what women want in a man lol. I've lost a good bit of weight the past few months and I've never really looked good in my whole life (not saying that I do) so I was just asking for personal opinions. It's not to win women or anything, it's for myself because I've always wanted to be healthy and at least look decent.

    • I was also just asking if it seems like whatever what I'm currently doing should simply be maintained, or increased. Maybe that's too vague without details though...but If I look decent now I should at least keep my routine the same and progressively increase it in areas accordingly as I go along. Stupid question maybe, just really wanted opinions on my appearance I guess...

    • You look fine to me (but a grainy dark picture is not the best thing to judge). Honestly, if you're happy with what you're doing now keep doing it as it sounds like it's working. If you find yourself getting bored/tired with the routine try shaking it up or enrolling in sports. The good thing about sports is you can have so much fun that it won't feel like exercise.

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  • I read your responses below. Congrats on losing the weight. You look fine, but definately don't stop. I'm sure you've noticed you have more energy, less stress, and an overall sense of well being. Exercise for your health. You don't need to work out more hours or more days. You should never stop exercising.

  • Some girls like a four-minute miler. Some girls like a four-hundred pound bench press. No man does both.

    Adopt the training that suits your time, temper, and natural gifts.

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