Would pink hair dye work on dark hair?

Well, you see, I was thinking about dying my hair pink (the whole head) because I just think it would be fun to try out for a bit, and plus my boyfriend said he'd think it would look "hot" on me. Lols! I don't have a problem with trying it out at all, as pink is also my favorite color. I was just planning on getting some from Hot Topic, since I know they have pink dye. I was just wondering, would pink hair dye work on dark hair? I have naturally dark brown hair. It looks nearly black, but not quite. I've also dyed it burgundy, and right now the dye kind of faded and looks like a reddish chestnut brown color. Would that make the pink a different shade, or not...?

Also, I want to know if I should go for a darker pink like a hot pink, or a lighter bubble gum looking pink. I'm a bit on the pale side at the moment, and have an olive skin tone.
I am so glad that I decided to ask this question before I actually went out and bought the dye and tried to do it myself. O.O; Thanks everyone for answering!


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  • Pink hair color will work on your hair, but it won't give it the correct shade of bright pink that you're looking for. In fact, it may turn it more of a magenta. If you're looking to make the shade as bright as it can be, go to a professional colorist who can first lighten and then color your hair. Otherwise, you may be in for a disaster.


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  • You'll have to lighten your hair when using any colored dye that isn't permanent [and most aren't], otherwise it won't absorb and retain the color well. Dying it as is will just give you a magenta tint that might only show in the sun. For the brightest color saturation possible, you'll usually have to bleach out your hair. I usually do this at home, but because of how dark your hair is and having already dyed it a burgundy color [faded or not], you'd probably be better off having it done by a professional so that the color is even. If you choose to do it at home, keep in mind that your roots will ALWAYS bleach faster than the ends, especially if you still have old dye in your hair. Apply to the ends first, then work up to the roots, otherwise you'll end up with blonde roots and orange tips, haha. And the pink won't distribute properly, so you'll have bright pink roots and duller pink tips. The more even your lightened color is, the more even your pink will be.

    • To your update: Dying the pink over your hair as it is now wouldn't have damaged it at all. Colored dyes like those are very conditioning. You just wouldn't have gotten the color you were going for, haha. And you could always still have it done properly afterward with no more damage than if you'd done it properly the first time. So if anything, it just would have been a waste of money, haha.

  • Yes due to the fact that your hair color really isn't a solid clear color since you have been coloring it in the past the pink color wouldn't give that strong effect as it would on a natural set of hair.

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