Cologne vs Body Spray vs Deodorant?

Ok, so I got a few difference fragrances as gifts for Christmas.

Can somebody explain to me what the difference is between cologne, body spray, and deodorant spray?

What I understand is that deodorants/deodorant sprays are used to make you not smell bad, and cologne is in addition to whatever deodorant and makes you smell better. So what I'm really asking is where body spray fits into this.


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  • Body spray is typically used for casual wear in my opinion, while as cologne is used for special occasions like dates. But everyone has a different opinion on it. I always use my nicer perfume for special days because it's more expensive while as body spray is cheaper for a regular day.

    • Very good explanation! I should also mention the body spray I got was Axe Apollo, and I've heard some varying opinions on Axe body sprays. What do you think of them?

    • Axe is a great product! I love most of their scents, just don't spray too much because I've been around guys that sprayed too much and I gagged haha

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  • Think of it as levels and each level is for how good/how imporant it is to smell very good

    lv.1 Deo Spray
    lv.2 Bod Spray
    lv.3 Cologne

    I alway deodorize, but never w/ a spray so I can't say for sure. I've only used body spray for when I just want to smell nice but nothing to important is going on, its like for casual stuff especially since it doesn't last very long anyways.

    Cologne, I always use for formal occasions or going out and wanting to look/smell amazing.


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  • I like Nutmeag's explanation

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