Dying my hair pink!

I plan on dying my hair pink, as it is my favorite color and I think it would be fun to do, and because my boyfriend said he thinks it would look hot on me. I'm going to go to my hairdresser and have her lighten my hair so the pink doesn't look off (like one of the girls on here suggested earlier when I asked a question related to this subject), since I dyed my hair burgundy for the past 4 to 5 years. But, I kind of want to know what kind of pink would look best on me. I'm very fair skinned, and have an olive complexion. I don't know whether I should go for a bright hot pink like this: link

or a light, bubblegum pink like this: link

What are your opinions?


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  • I say go bright. =] Pink was a fun color for me, haha. Mine was a medium brown, with some white blonde, and bright pink. It was like Neapolitan ice cream.


    • Wow! I love the way your hair color looked in that picture! ^_^ Very cool!

    • Thanks! I did it at home with a tiny bit of help with the back of my head. =]

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  • You should dye it bubble gum pink if you are going to dye all of it but hot pink if your are only to dye a part of it

  • I like the light pink better, but I agree that the hot pink would work if you did multiple colors or only dyed part of your hair.

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