Is it true that guys like a girl who doesn't wear make up?

Usually I wear make up because I think I look gross without it. But I've been told some guys prefer a girl natural. As in no make up. Is that true guys?


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  • makeup may get you more looks but eau naturale is what actually reels us in.


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  • A little make up goes a long way. From time to time you see girls that wear it like a mask, not attractive.

  • i personally prefer without make up completely. the way a girl looks naturally is the hottest she can possibly look. I don't like any artificial changes to a girls already natural beauty. if the girl absolutely wanted to wear make up. the best make up to wear are the ones that look the most natural but even so. she would ALWAYS look better with none at all plus it has the benefit to the girl by not needing to spend time on it and it would also be better for her skin too :)

    Good Luck, God Bless


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