Best facial Plastic Surgeons?

Anyone know of the best around the state of Minnesota? I have been doing my research and want to make sure I choose the best or a damn good one.

My mother when we are in stores and people look at me she'll whisper "I know she's ugly." Or she will look me up and down, and give me dirty looks.

When I am seeing a guy she'll be like what did he think about your looks. When I acknowledge guys she acts as though no guy would ever like me.

I consider my self pretty, but I can use some work.

My own mother looks at me badly. I bought a really cute shirt, skirt and necklace. She just looks at me and hates it.

I'm eighteen. The surgery is for me, to make me happy. Not for her. Know of any good ones.


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  • I mean, it could be worse, you could be like this lady whos face was attacked by a monkey


  • Be happy with what you look like.