How can I be more of a girl?

ever since I can remember I have been a tomboy I used to literally be a guy until a few years ago lmao then I changed and started dressing and acting; I mean trying to act like a girl etc, but the thing is I really don't know how to dress and act like a girl you know? I feel out of my element so I don't really wear jewelry or make up don't really know how to do my hair since I always used to wear it up, I just wear like t shirts and jeans and sneakers and that's pretty much it 24-7 and it has never been anything less since I turned into a girl lol.

i can say guys like me but the thing is is that I'm not really confident enough to say yes to anyone when they ask me out or something I feel like I'm too manly for them in a way and I just want to LEARN how to be a woman because I think that if I you know, dressed more like a woman and etc that id be more pretty and confident and stuff, plus its getting annoying dressing so plainly everyday :)

anyone willing to help a sad case?


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  • I agree with Kermit, you shouldn't need to change yourself to get someone. Guys like me like girls who don't hide what they're ashamed of behind masks. If you're a natural tomboy you're a tomboy, those who don't like it don't need to worry about it. Dressing in t shirts, jeans, and sneakers is very attractive to some guys. Wearing loose clothing opposed to tight is leaving room for the imagination, some guys are attracted by the mystery of it all. By you saying you don't wear make-up tells me that you really are confident, you must think you're attractive since you don't try to hide your beauty behind face paint.

    It doesn't really matter what you act like or how you dress. Bottom line is you're still a girl, and that's really all guys are looking for.


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  • You know, when you say you were "literally" a guy, that means you used to have a penis and stuff.

    • Nooo.

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    • Yeah, I was confused by the "literally" part too... so, did you just misuse the word like a moron, or did you get a sex change?

    • Both -_-

  • This isn't a sad case. Just be comfortable with yourself and others will accept you for who you are. I went for tomboys as a kid and still prefer nongirly girls today. Just do what comes natural.


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