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Okay so I want to get a tattoo of the phrase "carpe diem" which is Latin for "seize the day". I'm debating whether to get it under my right breast... kind of under where the lower bra line would be, OR get it on my lower stomach/hip region.

Which would be more painful? Which one would be least likely to stretch as I get older?


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  • The most painful areas to get a tattoo are those which have very little meat between skin and bone, as well as those areas with the thinnest skin. Anything on the ribs is borderline painful, depending how close to your breast it is. If it's away from the thicker areas then it will hurt more. On the other hand, down by the hip is likely to be painful if it is near/on the hip bone. Otherwise it shouldn't be too bad. I think the one by your hip would be less likely to stretch, but a lot of that has to do with whether or not you keep in shape and which parts of your body you allow to get out of shape.

  • Maybe it would be best to consider the mid stomach area for such a tat, as it might otherwise inspire low-minded people to seize something other than the day.


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