To wax or not to wax?

I am very hairy guy... I feel weird...
I wish I was naturally less hairy.. then it would have been the best.. but unfortunately am not that way... I feel so jealous of natural lucky men.
I am thinking of buying an epilator, that way I can use it myself all over my body and get smooth results all by myself...
.. but then would I be seen as werid for waxing/epilating my whole body smooth hairless?
I am confused. Help appreciated.


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  • If you're really really hairy. Waxing won't solve your problem. It's a long process and doing your all body that way will take time, it will be expensive and you will quickly be sick of it.
    My advise would be to choose where you want to wax where your hate it the most. You don't necessarily need to touch your legs or arms.

    • Leave all as it is? Even upper body?

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    • Ih okay... You are dating a really hairy guy... okay... and you have even started to like his chest and belly hair.. great and nice.. lucky him...
      Why don't you get his chest n belly waxed instead?

    • I know what it's like to wax often. I'm not a hairy woman and it's already a bother so I can't imagine what it would be like to wax it all off for a hairy man. As for his chest and belly, I used to think I would hate it on a man but it looks good on him. It's soft to touch and I grew to like it. I know he's not a big fan of his chest hair. If he decides to wax it off, I wouldn't stop him but if he doesn't, I don't mind.
      Chest hair can be hot... back hair? not so much.

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  • For a first timer best to go to a salon - Get an expert to do it for best results but also while you are there ask all your questions to get most accurate advice for home attempts.


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  • You can also dye it a lighter color, or trim it if you feel uncomfortable with shaving it completely.


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