Am I the only guy that thinks when girls get scruffy hair they look hot?

idk if it is to do with thinking about sex but I think its a huge turn on when I see a girls hair is all over the place and a mess. why don't more girls worry less about their hair being scruffy but of course still clean it though.

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  • its sexy because it does kinda look like they were having sex. sex hair is amazing. but also that they are comfortable enough to not have their hair be perfect around you and that is sexy in itself so idk. I'm sure chicks make their hair perfect because its habit and plus they want to attract the opposite sex. don't you think if you were around a girl who looked like a hot mess all the time you would start to think she's more of a mess than a hot mess? plus it makes it look sexier when you only see their hair all messy and crazy once in a while rather than all the time.