I think I look so ugly without and make up and when I first get up in the morning, Help? =[

I absolutely hate how I look without make up and how I look when I first get out of bed in the Morning. I just look so pale and plain. With make up on I look so beautiful I get plenty of guy's attentions, I feel good, and I just feel 100% better all together but when it's morning or when I get out of the shower or take my make up off I don't get one guy to look my way NOT EVEN ONCE! I feel so insecure when I have no make up on I also don't even look in the mirror when I have no make up on when I put it on I look in the mirror whenever I have too and feel great. My boyfriend is going to be seeing me for 3 days in the morning and out of the shower when I have no make up on I am so scared he is gonna break up with me after seeing me with no make up on because of how horrific I look which I couldn't disagree with him on if he thought so please give me some advice or tips on how to deal with this or to make myself look better in any possible way?


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  • Sweetheart if you are in a serious realtionship your boyfriend should like you for more than what you look like. But in reality before you get into a relationship you should learn to love yourself with or without your make-up. When you were a child did you have a favorite blanket that you hid behind, like a shield? It seems as if you have used make-up as your security blanket. Regardless of that your boyfriend should find you beautiful inside and out ;).


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  • If your boyfriend really does love you then your natural beauty shouldn't be reason why he would want to break up with you.

  • You're not ugly without makeup. It's just the way you perceive yourself. You don't think you look good, therefore you don't. When in reality, you're the only one that thinks this way.

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